Veil Styles

What Makes a Veil? 

Each veil from Belles and Veils involves quality materials, expert craftsmanship and numerous hours. The labour involved with creating each work of art includes the planning of construction, fabric and embellishments. In Belles and Veils we have a range of veil lengths and styles available.

There are several basic veil styles that vary in shape by the way illusion is cut, by the number of layers used, and by the method of gathering at the point of attachment to the headpiece. 

Below are descriptions of different styles of veils that may help you gain a better idea of the style of veil you would want to wear on your special day. 


The blusher veil comes in different colours and lengths and generally are of white or ivory colour. A blusher veil typically exhibits a sheer layer of netting which consists of thin, fine netting of nylon, rayon or silk. Short blushers are a more popular choice as it can give off a modern or traditional look. 

Single Tier 

The Single Tier give a very sheer and understated look. It is normally used for a full Cathedral length veil and can be attached to a comb. The wider the veil area, the more the veil would stretch and spread over the shoulders and the back. 

Cascade Veil

A Cascade Veil is a two tier veil that falls gently into two different lengths. The upper layer can be folded forwards over the face to create a gentle fold of illusion to the bride. Once folded backwards, the veil edge traces of the arms and cascades to the desired length at the back.

Bouffant Veil

The Bouffant Veil the upper edge of a bouffant veil is cut in an arch that allows the illusion to billow up over the head. The Bouffant veil can be attached to the top of the head or you could bend the comb to place it under the bun of your hair. 

Mantilla Veil

The Mantilla Veil is attached to a comb and has a complete circle of lace around the edge of the veil.