Veil Advice

Before the Veil
There are two things that you need to consider before choosing the perfect wedding veil. Select the gown and decide on how you would want to wear your hair on the day. 
Remember, the perfect veil is supposed to coordinate beautifully with your face and the wedding gown, highlighting your best features and camouflaging your flaws.
Veil rules
Rule #1: The veil must complement the dress. The veil itself does not have to match the gown lace on the dress but should have the same consistency of style.
Rule #2: The veil must highlight the brides face.
Rule #3: The veil is to be worn on her head.


Veil Care and Storage
DO NOT Dry-clean or iron the headpiece or veil as it can damage them. All veils have been steamed prior to shipping (at our own risk). The creases and wrinkles you may find upon arrival are very light and will fall out naturally once you hang the veil.
Store it in a dark, dry place. Avoid attics, basements and plastic wraps. Extreme temperature can damage the veil and plastic wraps can cause condensation to form.
On the Wedding Day
If you plan to remove your wedding veil for the reception, you can store the wedding veil in a pillowcase for temporary storage. Roll the veil gently and tuck it away inside the pillowcase. Alternatively you can also use the Belles and Veils box and wrap with tissue paper on the day.